Dinner Music

No one wants to sit and eat Dinner in silence. Least of all a couple of hundred friends and family members. While the music that plays during Dinner may seem inconsequential, it has a relevant effect on the overall mood and atmosphere of the Reception. Mid-tempo songs that are not too exciting or too boring with happy subject matter is the most common type of music chosen. While it is not necessary for the Bride and Groom to choose all of the songs that will play during Dinner, they are welcome to. Many couples choose a type of music to be played such as "Love Songs", "Instrumental Jazz", or "Big Band". Some couples choose three or four songs they'd like to be played during Dinner and leave the rest to the DJ's discretion

The Way You Look Tonight

-Frank Sinatra

Can't Help Falling In Love

-Elvis Presley


-Dan + Shay

Ain't That A Kick In The Head

-Dean Martin

"Big Band" Music
-Artie Shaw, etc.

"Instrumental Jazz" Music
-Duke Ellington, etc.

R&B Music

-Al Green, etc.

Soft Rock Music

-Queen, etc.

Piano/Violin/Instrumental Music

-Louis Armstrong, etc.

The Best Is Yet To Come

-Michael Buble