Wedding Ceremony Songs

 Below are links representing various parts of a Wedding Ceremony. Click the pictures to see lists of songs that are commonly chosen for each activity. We created them to serve as a source for inspiration. If some of the songs listed are a good fit for your Ceremony, GREAT! If not, we hope that this list of songs will at minimum inspire you. Of course, no one is restricted to only these songs. Please, DO NOT hesitate to call us at (513) Show-time (746-9846) with any questions or concerns.

Pre-Ceremony Music

Showtime Cincinnati Pre Ceremony Music

No one likes an uncomfortable silence. That's why we provide Music to make your Guests feel welcome and comfortable before the Ceremony even begins...

Seating of the Parents


 The Seating of the Parents is usually the first action of the Ceremony. It is the point when the mood and volume of the music will change...

Wedding Party Processional

Showtime Cincinnati Wedding Party Processional

 Once the Ceremony has begun and the Parents have taken their seats, it is time for the entrance of the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen...

Presentation of the Bride

Showtime Cincinnati Bride's Formal Entrance

 Sometimes referred to as the "Bride's Formal Entrance", this takes place after the members of the Wedding Party have taken their places...

Unity Candle or Sand

Showtime Cincinnati Lighting the Unity Candle

During the ceremony, the Bride and Groom may use two candles to light one larger candle, combine two containers of sand into one, or take some other action...


Showtime Cincinnati Recessional

 After hearing "You May Kiss the Bride", followed by the most exciting kiss of a lifetime, the Guests will cheer and the Recessional Song will begin...