Seating of the Parents

The Seating of the Parents is usually the first action of the Ceremony. It is the point when the mood and volume of the music will change. Therefore, the song that accompanies the Seating of the Parents commonly serves as the signal of the start of the Ceremony for the Guests. When the song begins, at a somewhat higher volume than the music which preceded the Ceremony, the first Parent or Parents will begin "walking down the aisle". Activities such as Lighting Unity Candles, Preparing Unity Sand, or other preparatory actions for something to take place later in the Ceremony are part of the Seating of the Parents. There does not need to be an additional song just for the prepatation actions, if such actions are taking place. Not all Ceremonies include a Lighting of a Unity Candle, Combining of Unity Sand, or any other action which requires these traditional preparatory activities.  The songs below are commonly chosen to accompany the Seating of the Parents.

A Thousand Years
Piano Guys Piano and Cello Cover
-Christina Perri


Can You Feel the Love Tonight

O'Neill Brothers Piano Cover
-Elton John

From This Moment On
O’Neill Brothers Piano Cover

-Shania Twain

Trumpet Voluntary

Prince of Denmark’s March

O'Neill Brothers Piano Cover


Only TIme

Instrumental Version


Canon in D

Brian Crain Piano & Violin Cover



2 Cellos Cover

-Ed Sheeran

My Heart Will Go On

Instrumental Version

-Celine Dion

Ode to Joy

-Ludwig Van Beethoven