Removing and Tossing the Garter

Before a Garter can be Tossed, it must first be removed from the Bride's leg, by her new Husband, in a tasteful manner. Or, in a semi-tasteful manner. Or... in a manner that could at least be confused with tasteful, but is definitely a whole lot of fun. During the Reception a chair will be placed in the center of the room, the guests will be asked to step to the side, and the Bride will be asked to have a seat in that chair. This is when the fun begins! Once the Bride has taken a seat it will be time for the Groom to come and remove the Garter from his wife's leg. Grooms have had a great many ideas for how to go about removing the Garter and they've all been fun!

Once the Garter has been removed, the next step will be for the Groom to toss it to a group of single gentlemen. Tradition says that the gentleman who catches the Garter will be the next to fall in love, get married, and begin his happily ever after. When it's time for the Garter to be tossed, the DJ will make a call for all of the single gentlemen in the Reception to come and form a group on the dance floor. Sometimes gentlemen have lost their faith in happily ever after and they're slow to respond.  With over a decade of experience that's no problem for the Showtime Cincinnati team! We'll restore their faith in no time at all and have a crowd of eager gentlemen pushing and elbowing one another in anticipation of making a spirited catch!

Mission Impossible

-Theme Song


Pour Some Sugar On Me

-Def Leppard

Let's Get It On

-Marvin Gaye

Sexy Back

-Justin Timberlake

Danger Zone

-Kenny Loggine

Hot in Herre


Sexy And I Know It


You Shook Me All Night Long




Oh Yeah